SuperFOIL is a thermal, reflective, multilayer insulation.

SFUF is a high-performance insulation, 6 mm thin, multilayer. It can be used on roofs, floors and walls, although it is designed specifically for concrete floors. Thanks to its composition, all types of underfloor heating can be laid directly on SFUF. It can be used directly under concrete screed, under any floor covering or in hollow floors. SFUF also provides sound insulation (reduces impact noise by an estimated 22 dB). It helps reduce or eliminate cold bridging problems, especially in places where it is difficult to insulate with traditional insulation.

It is also possible to use vapor-tight multilayer insulation SF19 +, SF40 or SF60 for floors inside buildings, for hollow floors or to improve the thermal insulation of the floor on the ground floor of the house. This will achieve a higher thermal resistance R, ie. more heat in the room.

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