The SuperFOIL range of vapor-tight multilayer insulation is a 3-in-1 product, it provides highly effective thermal insulation, at the same time a vapor barrier and, in addition, the SuperFOIL radiant barrier is made with modern technology. The two outer reflective layers are reinforced foils coated with high-tech Duplex nanotechnology, thanks to these layers, SuperFOIL insulation becomes 3x more powerful and stronger than a conventional vapor barrier. The inner layers are made of aluminum foil together with high-performance thermal insulation filling. By using more layers, we prevent the formation of condensation and thermal bridges. The products are certified by BBA, LABC in England and DIBt for the EU, so they meet the requirements of the new building regulations. Unlike traditional types of insulation, SuperFOIL insulation works on all three types of heat transfer, ie conduction, flow and radiation, which gives you the best insulation efficiency without the need for additional layers. Our multi-layer insulation, which offers an excellent price-quality ratio, can be used anywhere in the house, which means that one type of product can insulate the roof, walls and floors!

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