SuperFOIL is a thermal, reflective, multilayer insulation.

The SuperFOIL FR series offers the same high-performance insulation as the SuperFOIL vapor-proof insulation series, but has increased fire protection, which is achieved by the two outer layers of laminated aluminum foil being reinforced with glass fibers. All BBA and DIBt certified products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they meet high standards. FR products are class 0 according to British BS standards for fire propagation and class 1 for surface flame propagation. The FR series is a 3 in 1 product that provides highly effective insulation, a vapor barrier and a radiant barrier. FR products can be used on roofs, walls and floors. They are suitable for new buildings and renovations.

SFNC is a non-flammable product with a reaction to fire rating of class A1 according to ISO 13 501-1. It is suitable for use in commercial projects and buildings higher than 18 meters. It provides excellent thermal efficiency, while being fully flexible and non-flammable.

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