SuperFOIL is a thermal, reflective, multilayer insulation.

SuperFOIL bubble insulation is a multi-layer insulation with air bubbles. It is a waterproof insulation that is suitable for use in many types of applications. The perfect DIY solution, bubble wrap provides exceptional value at a great price. The SuperFOIL range of bubble foils can be used for insulation under floors, walls, paneling, it can also be used in garden houses, garage doors and motor homes. It is made of aluminum-plated plastic. Different roll sizes available. It is the perfect product that is suitable to always be available at home for any use.

* TIP * Bubble foil SuperFOIL is an ideal addition to the existing insulation. Thanks to the reflective properties, your house will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

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  • Roll dimensions (area): 0,75 x 50 m (37,5m2)