SFBA RADIATOR PACK 0,6 x 5m - 13,12 €/m² tax excluded - 15,87 €/m²

€39.35 Tax excluded

Our bubble insulation radiator insulation kit is a great way to save money on energy bills. It reflects 95% of the heat from your radiators back into the room, so you no longer need to heat the wall behind the radiator! Like all SuperFOIL products, it is easy to install and comes with self-adhesive tapes for wall mounting. All you have to do is cut the product to the required size and use self-adhesive tapes to attach it to the wall behind the radiator. The set measures 0.6 x 5 m, so you have enough to make 3 (or more) radiators! Easy installation without clutter and at the same time saving your energy bill. What could be better?



Data sheet

Roll dimensions (area)
0,6 x 5m